Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Jennifer Love Hewitt Inspired Look

Hi all :)

Just a really quick bloggy to show you what I am wearing out tonight, and the inspiration I had for the look.

Let me know what you think (but be kind hehe :P)

The video I used for inspiration:

Picture of Hewitt I used to help me with my hair and make-up

If you would like to know the make-up I used request a how-to post.

Love Rie


Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Hi :)
As promised here is my top 3 make-up gurus I watch on YouTube.
I can spend hours watching these 3 everyday and I hope you will enjoy reading about them.
Follow the links underneath each of these to go to their YouTube channels and blogs.

1. Kandee Johnson.
Professional make-up artist and devoted mum of 4 turned to YouTube as entertainment, and has now turned into a sort of career!! Her two channels on YouTube as well as here two blogs keep me coming back daily for my Kandee fix!! She is simply the happiest person I have ever seen, and her infectious smile and love are real motivators for me. I love her look-a-like style videos and make-up tips are also really interesting to watch, alongside her personal channels everyday updates on her beautiful new baby. I would really recommend viewing just a couple of her videos just for your personal and mental health, as she is sooo happy all the time!

Make-up YouTube channel:
Make-up Blog:
Personal YouTube channel:

2. Pixiwoo
It gets more difficult to choose after number 1. I regularly watch around 10 gurus and catch up on others from time to time and it’s really difficult to choose. But my second favourite has to be Pixiwoo. The British sisters Sam and Nic are really charismatic and will stop at nothing to provide brilliantly inspired make-up looks and tutorials. I love their dedication to the videos and love all there updates. They seem very knowledgeable and inspiring.

Make-up YouTube channel:

3.Michelle PhanMichelle was the first guru I ever watched on YouTube and I have loyally watched every video she has created since. I do prefer the older style of bedroom videos with simple make-up looks over the new collaboration styles but all her updates are fun to watch. She stands out from the crowd with her expertly filmed and edited videos that are like little movies rather than self filmed tutorials. However she has slipped down to third on my list as I feel that she does not update as often as some other gurus and lacks the personal touch I love with vlogging that sometime accompanies other gurus.

Thank you all for reading :)
Comment below and let me know who your favourite gurus are!
Love Rie

Monday, 28 March 2011


Hey all,

There is no real excuse for my absence from blogging for so long. I'm sure we all feel the pull of other micro-blogging sites like Twitter, and social networks like Facebook but they can really take up all my time online. I've also become addicted to YouTube since moving into halls and use it like a TV.

So as a little catch up I thought I would use this post to let you know how university is going, tell you what I am enjoying in the form of online entertainment at the moment (please do not read this as adult online entertainment :P), and some new books that are coming out soon that I am really excited about!!

So firstly, as you may already know I am in my second year at Solent University in Southampton, and I am currently studying Media Communications. Its been a pretty hectic term if I am honest, and I am feeling the pull of my double life right now. Being
here 4 days a week, home in Portsmouth 3 days a week can really knock it out of you, on top of my part time work commitments I have had to be on top of my game to keep up. I'd like to think I am doing pretty well, all assignments are running on time, and all work commitments are working okay and I am still sane!! But I can definitely feel the tension in my shoulders and the common cold has been sticking with me for a bit longer than I want it too.

I am really excited about my dissertation proposal, that I hand in as a 3,000 word assignment this year, rather than just the traditional 10,000 words in the final year (which I will have to do as well!!). It is something that my tutor has seen nothing on before, and something that really interests me, so I hope be keeping it fresh and update I hope it will all go well.

I have chosen to do it on how YouTube has changes women's identity through how-to videos!! As I mentioned above I have been really into YouTube since moving into halls, and can spend hours watching it everyday, which I can now call research. My entertainment of choice at the moment has to be make-up gurus, and it has me really interested in how cosmetics companies are using them to promote their products, and how this again affects the identity of the gurus and those watching them. I hope this sounds as interesting to you guys as it is to me!!

Watch out for a blog post coming up with my top 3 beauty gurus on YouTube for your personal pleasure - and honestly mine!!

Now to books. Something you may not know in less you are very close to me is my love of fantasy fiction! Call it what you wish by my little books of escapism are essential for my mental health and are a big love of mine. So you can imagine how excited I am to find out my two favourite fantasy authors are bring out new books for there series this year!!

Recently I have been re-reading the Women of the Other World series by Kelley Armstrong due to lack of new books, and have been really enjoying and discovering all over again her brilliant writing style. I honestly don't think any other writer is capable or creating such a large amount of well rounded loveable characters that fit into a seamless narrative so well. I often forget that I am reading a book, as the effortlessness of turning pages feels just like watching television (without all the annoying adverts!!). So when I heard of the release of Spell Bound I was jumping for joy. Due out in July this year, I will soon be pre-ordering with next day delivery so I can read it straight away. This book promises to be even more exciting that the rest following on from Waking the Witch and dramatic end with Savannah, as well as rumours its to include all previous characters together in one book!! I just can't wait!

Next it is the next book in the True Blood series by Charlaine Harris. Another American fantasy fiction series I love. I purchased the full set back in October last year with a gift card given as a birthday present from my best friend Sam. I found it in Waterstones for a reasonable price and though I would give it a go. I had seen the advert for the television series and I was curious, but I still haven't watched the series.... because I had to fly through these stories all in one go. They had me hooked from the first chapter of the first book. I loved the story so much, completely mindless entertainment, with nothing really challenging - pure escapism. I don't quite hold the same loyalty to this series as I do the Women of the Otherworld, but I was excited when I heard she was releasing a new book. I have read all the main books, as well as one of the short stories collections, and I aware of Sookieverse fiction around, but haven't found the inclination to splash out and purchase them, but this one is also on my pre order list. Dead Reckoning will be released in May this year and as long as it has as many steamy scene as the last I am sure I will love it.

Look out for my reviews of these books as soon as they are released!!

Thank you all for reading, and please comment lots and let me know what you think.
Is there any other books coming out that you think I would like??

Love, Rie xxxx