Review Policy

In less stated otherwise all books have been purchased with my own money.

I am member of Amazon Affiliates which means that any links that take you to Amazon that result in you making a purchase will give me a small commission. Please rest assured that this small percentage will go towards giving you extra content for the blog, and not into my pocket!

All reviews are my 100% honest opinion, and I wont read and review a book in less I really enjoy it, regardless if I have purchased it, downloaded if for free or been sent it for review consideration.

Review Policy

If you have a book or short story you think would fit in with the other reviews on Rie Reviews please feel free to contact me on

I am particularly keen on supernatural and fantasy fiction including dystopia, science fiction, ghost stories, thrillers, crime dramas, and a bit of romance with an added twist.

Please keep in mind that as much as I would love to be able to read every book around, I do only have a limited number of hours in a day. If you require a review within a certain time frame please give me as much notice as possible.

Recieving a book does not gurantee a good review, or a review at all if I don't think it will fit into the tone of Rie Reviews, or that my readers would not enjoy it.

I tend to review books here on my blog as well as Amazon and Goodreads. If you have any special requests please mention this in your email.

I accept books in print and in any Kindle readable format.

Love Rie x


  1. Hi :) May I ask if you have an age limit to the books you review? Or whether there is a particular genre you enjoy above others?

    Victoria Limbert

    1. Hi Victoria,

      I will review most books within the fantasy, supernatural, paranormal sub-genres, and although I do tend to gravitate towards YA I am willing to read adult books as well.