Friday, 26 February 2010

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to Rie Reviews.

Here i hope to review all media texts that i have consumed recently. Those of you that already know me will understands my love of reading and this will predominatly be a place to post my thoughts of the books i have read. However i will also put a lot of effort into reviewing movies, possibly television shows and music. I welcome from the onset any requests for reviews, and activly encourage you all to comment.

I will apologise in advance that this will not be an instant upload of the latests releases, i haven't built up the money or the contacts to do this yet: but this is my ultimate goal.

Reviews in the pipe line include:
Avatar (3D cinema experience)
Enduring Love (book by Ian McEwan)
The Genesis Secret (book by Tom Knox)
and many many more.

Please introduce this blog to all your friends, fellow readers, watchers and fans.

Yours Truely, Rie xxxx

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