Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Avatar 3D (2009)

Director: James Cameron
Studio: Dune Entertainment, Giant Studios, Ingenious Film Partners, Lightstorm Entertainment.
Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox Corporation
Certificate: 12A
Run Time: 162 mins
Rating: 9/10

The must-see movie of 2009 still has a buzz 4 months after its release. The box office breaker, Avatar has well and truly secured its place in movie history.

Titanic’s director James Cameron has created a masterpiece in 3D that has helped millions of people around the world to escape from the mundane world. The planet of Pandora really does open up a magical box of colours in a never seen before 3D triumph.

The half-human half Na’vi creatures are stunningly beautiful in an alien kind of way, there iridescent blue skins providing a spectacle in themselves, not being lost within their beautifully and seemingly natural surroundings.

The narrative is also not lost to the special effects, with tales of love, preservation of sacred places and betrayal central in the plot line, and although they are not an innovate tale, I felt seduced by the fantasy of it all.

The hefty run time however did prove a little difficult, with attentions of the audience seemingly wandering around the half waypoint. Nonetheless, the battle scene of epic, fantastical value soon pulled viewers attentions back into the dream world.

The sense of community, love for each other and their environment displayed by the Na’vi tribe was truly moving and completely tangible with the 3D glasses allowing the audience to feel inside Cameron’s vision, and share the protagonist’s emotions at every stage.

Where as I was completely seduced by the world created, my partner felt disenchanted by the sight of me in truly ridiculous black framed sunglasses. Although a lot more sophisticated than the cardboard frames that have been provided at 3D screenings in the past, , they are not going to be the next big fashion accessory. On the other hand they did fit over my own frames easily and were comfortable so they are a lot more practical!

As a side note there has also been some cool merchandise launched in the way of interactive toys. It is a must-have purchase for any Avatar fan, the dragon figures being the most amazing. When an iTag is scanned via webcam on the Mattel website (which is provided with the toy) the character comes to life on screen in the background of you hand. I cannot explain the nerdy exhilaration you get from being admitted into Pandora’s universe. Two or more figures can even interact when scanned together. Happy Playing J

Overall, I give Avatar a 9/10. I am not ashamed to admit that I will be first in line to purchase it on DVD, and I am eagerly awaiting the rumoured sequel.

Rie xxxx

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