Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Not Really Public Transport Reading Material...

I am a great lover of adult fantasy fiction, as regular readers will know. But I have come to the conclusion that some chapters I have been re-reading of late are not suitable for reading in public!

The character Eric Northman
as described by protagonist Sookie Stackhouse
Picture me on a train, reading this: 'Dead to the World' by Charlaine Harris.

     "If there was an international butt competition, Eric would win, hands down - or cheeks up" 

This left me laughing softly to my self but it got worse!

     "I was so on fire for him I was surprised that flames didn't flicker out of my fingertips"

     "'Look at me my lover.' The way he said 'lover' was like a caress, like he was calling me by a name no other man had ever used before or ever would after."

    "'I wish' I said, 'I could save orgasms in a jar for when I need them, because I think I had a few extra."

    "Eric wanted me to be looking into his eyes; that obviously flicked his Bic."

I am sure I was blushing by this point, and looking over my shoulders guilty at my fellow passengers to see if they could see what I was reading.

I love the way this scene never got to pornographic, and was really well written! I am going to start using the term 'That flicks your Bic' - love it!

Got any favourite quotes you felt guilty reading in public?? Put them in the comments below; I would love to hear them! [nothing too graphic please!]

Get reading!

Rie xx


  1. As you said not too graphic I can't put 90% of the kelley armstrong stuff I thought about! =P Lets just say all of the scenes you know about it those book! It can be quite awkward though.

    When I went on that barge holiday I was reading my book aloud to Ali and my Grandad, I noticed further along the page words which could only be from a sex scene so quickly skipped a few pages to avoid it! That could have been bad! =P

  2. Kelley Armstrong is a great writer of some truly raunchy scenes! Please feel free to share your fav quote (I think it has to be from Clay and Elena myself!)