Monday, 9 April 2012

Bookish Wonders #1

Bookish Wonders is a new series of posts I am going to be writing about books funny enough. As a little break from reviews I want to talk to you guys about the different things we love about books, for their cover art, how they make us think, feel or even change how we see the world. 

My first Bookish Wonder is all about where you read a book, and if a perfect sunny afternoon reading makes a better book than a wet weekend.

One glorious morning, my best friend and I sat on The Hoe in Plymouth, which is a beautiful grassy field which over looks the sea with the rest of town behind you, and set to reading our Kindles laid out on a blanket. At the time I was reading 'Hunt for the Phoenix' by the Byfords, and gave it a glowing review. I loved the books twists and turns and fantastic story telling, and although it had its faults I gave it full marks. But how was where I read this book and the memories I had attached to it affected my perception?

Keri Arthur, on the other hand, and the first book in her Dark Angel series: Darkness Unbound is the hardest review I have ever given a book. I read it in late January, as a relief from a pile of uni work and a truly stressed student budget after Christmas. I read it in my dull university bedroom, on my own at night, after night, until I finished it. Nothing remarkable. Nothing new. And very little done well. Yet if I had read this book on The Hoe, in Plymouth on a beautiful day would I have felt differently?

I think what is most important is where the book takes you. The best books you will read will transport you from where you lay, sit or stand and into their world. Books that when the house falls down around you, you fail to notice. This book for me has to be a book by Kelley Armstrong, that I haven't actually reviewed - Broken. I didn't stop until I finished this familiar yet surprisingly new book around my (still) favourite fictional couple, Clay & Elena. I have found it so difficult to review these books as so much in a series can be spoilers for the earlier books. However I think even without the other books in the series this stands out to be one of those reads that made me feel scared when they were scared, happy when they were happy, and 'fun' when they where having fun ;)! Sat here now, I cannot remember where I read it - in my opinion a sign of a truly fantastic book.

I want to know where did you read your favourite book? Do you remember? Do you think where you read a book matters?

Thanks for reading,

Love Rie x


  1. I totally agree with you that you can recognize a truly great book when it takes you straight into its world...

    is for where i read my favorite books: everywhere! hehe thats the sign for me, i just have to take the book with me at all times trying to squeeze in minutes of reading into my everyday activities -eating, waiting for public transport or even the bathroom :p :p

    btw i just finished waking the witch and am not sure what to read next...any suggestions??

    1. I have long read during breakfast lunch and dinner - it is valuable wasted minutes otherwise :P

      As for book suggestions:

      If you fancy more Kelley Armstrong try her YA series Darkest Powers, or some of the great free fan fiction on her website

      Fancy something a bit different, why not try out The House of the Night series, I have just finished Marked the first book and really enjoyed it. The review will be up tomorrow. Or why not try the Hunger Games!>

      Love Rie x

  2. Yea I was thinking of the hunger games...Hugo told me he wants to buy the books and read them too so it might be worth the investment :p

  3. I think it doesn't matter where you read a truly great book, because like you said the chances are you will be oblivious, you get so into the book nothing else matters!
    I've read favourite books closeted in my bedroom on a rainy weekend, wasting hours on a night shift at work, or sat up on ports down hill on a blanket in glorious sunshine. And i've also read some not so great books in all of those locations.
    For me it's the content of the book, not the location that determine how hooked I am on a book.