Saturday, 25 August 2012

Bookish Wonders #5

Today's Bookish Wonders post is all about edible book related fun :)

I have always known that for those of us that are self confessed Book Worms, we have no shame in investing our lives in it.Us unfortunatly we cannot live off books along, we need to invest our passion in everything we do. Hence you will see my previous posts on how to store your books, so you can look at them even when you are not reading them, and even book jewellry so everyone can know your a book worm :)

Now I have been introduced to the world of Book related food. It was this picture that popped up on Facbook of some delicious looking Cake Toppers that stormed my world and since book related food can be found where ever I look!!

Book Toppers by Victoria's Kitchen

Harry Potter sparked of a revolution in more than just getting children to read. She introduced a wealth of possible mechanising opportunities. Now the films have drawn to a close... you can now reminisce by eating the sweets we have heard about in both the book and the movie.
Edible books.... via Pinterest.

Green Eggs and Ham Party Food... via Pinterest.

This one is slightly more creative... In the Hunger Games book, whilst in the arena Katnis and Peeta eat bread spread with goats cheese topped with apple slices as an offering from the crowds. The goats cheese was significant to Katniss as it reminded her of Prim's goat. However this is a cake!! Slices of cake topped with goats cheese frosting and apple slices! How cool.. well I thought so. You can see some other super creative Hunger games food over on Confessions of  a Cookbook Queen.

And to finish the slightly more predictable, but still awesome, book shaped cake... via Pinterest.
Seen, or made any of your own book themed food? Please send me the link or a photo and I will add it on here to share with the world :) 

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