Thursday, 16 February 2012

Spotted: Free Kindle Books!!

I originally wanted to do this post as a video, but after filming and starting the editing process I realised that my editing software (Windows Movie Maker) is just not up to scratch. The audio and video keep going out of sync, and it was getting really frustrating. It was very important to me that I got this information out as soon as possible, as Kindle books do not stay free for long. So my apologies for the rather false start on providing some video posts via YouTube, but I will invest in some better equipment and software soon and come back with new vigour!

How you will often find me of an evening.
I love the colour of my Kindle cover, which was
a birthday present from my brother
As you can see in the title, this post is all about my top picks of free Kindle books on Amazon. I would like to add here that you do not need to feel left out if you do not have a Kindle. Amazon offers free applications for your computer, iPhone and other smart phones that you can download all Kindle books onto and enjoy the free literature.

I have divided this post in two; my first four picks are classics of the book world whose copyright has now expired and thus are now available for free. The second half however are the time sensitive ones. These are books that have been placed on Amazon for free for a limited time only, so if you like the sound of any of these titles do not delay and download them straight away. I have been introduced to some of my favourite new authors this way, and is well worth it for those that want to discover something new.


  • Dracula by Bram Stoker
    Before your Twilight, Vampire Diaries and True Blood, Dracula was the original vampire. If you like vampire books and have not read Dracula you need to get your head seen to. This is a classic and a must read to all.
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley 
    The first zombie book, before zombies were cool (if they ever were!). Even if you claim to have seen the movie, and all its tedious sequels and remakes it is well worth going back and reading the original.
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll 
    This is one of those books that I love to dip in and out of. If I am feeling stressed or restless this fantastically crafted fantasy world is true escapism. We did a play of this in primary school (and I didn't even get to be Alice... but we wont go into that...) and it really cemented my love of all its little quirks.
  • The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    I have searched high and low for the original Sherlock Holmes but cannot seem to find it anywhere for free. However this book does come highly recommend (although I must confess I have not read it myself). If you do want to read his full collection, you can purchase it for just 77p here.

New Publications - Free for a limited time only!!
Firstly I must say that I have not read any of these books, so cannot comment on their quality. The very nature of free Kindle books means that I have sourced these books very recently and not yet had chance to read them.

  •  Ghost Box: Six Supernatural Thrillers by Scott Nicholson [no longer free :(]
    This collection of ghost stories promises to have you scared witless!
  • Soul Mate by Richard Cawford
    The cover of this is very cliche with the moody haunted house and bats. But you should never judge a book by its cover, and the description sounds intriguing. And who can say no when it is free?
  • Her Vampire Husband by Michele Hauf 
    I really like the sound of this books description. With the main protagonists being a vampire and a werewolf and both of them being married sounds like a blood bath. But I am looking forward to seeing how this will read.
  • The Seventh Sister by Z. L. Arkaidie
    This paranormal romance book is the second in the Parched series, which makes it an odd one to be free. All I can assume is it will force people like me to purchase the first one as well, as they find it impossible not to read them in order! But I will have a look at this closer, and see if it is worth the investment.
  • Bewitching the Werewolf by Caroline Hanson
    Short stories with witches and vampires - has got to be worth a quick read! (comes with an adult warning).
  • Black Moon by C. L. Bevill
    Another short story, which is the first part of the Moon Trilogy. Containes Werejaguars, WereWolves and a Librarian was a warning it is not for minors.... I am going to have to read it now just to find out why!! You can also get the next two parts of the series, Amber Moon and Silver Moon for free too!
  • The Vampire's Warden by S. J. Wright
    A paranormal romance from the Undead in Brown series, which claims to be a different approach to your average Vampire story.
  • Thirst by Claire Farrell
    This is the first part of the Ava Delaney series, a protagonist who is a Human-Vampire hybrid that I want to read a lot more about!

Hopefully this is enough to keep you going, but if you would like to find more free Kindle books, make sure to follow me on Twitter and add me as a friend on Facebook, where I post links of free books on Amazon that I have spotted.

Let me know if you like these sort of posts, and would like to see more. 

Thank you as always for reading,

Love Rie


  1. Obviously the first thing I did when reading this blog was not attach my kindle to my laptop and download them all but was to thank you for a wonderful post, and yes I would love more of the same! How do you find out which ones are free?

    Plus the Ghost Box link is linked to the Sherlock books. Just to let you know. =]

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the link - I have fixed it now for anyone who wants to check that one out too.

      I just spend a lot of time on Amazon :P

      I also follow some great book review bloggers and authors on Twitter who post links all the time for their books and books they are reviewing when they go on Amazon for free.

      I will defiantly be doing some more of these posts as I really enjoyed finding some great books my self :D

      Thanks as always for your comments Sam :)