Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bookish Wonders #2

This second post in my Bookish Wonders series is all about book nerd jewellery. After finding a picture of the Library Necklace on the Book Riot website I fell in love. But after a feverish hunt of the interweb I was left heart broken. At $340 (£215) these are well out of my price range. But fear not I have found some super cute and a lot more affordable bookish jewellery for you to browse!

I have officially fallen in love Library Necklace. Can I borrow $340 off someone please?!
Antique Bookshelf Necklace by Coryographies (Made to Order)
These mini bookshelves are made to order and super cute! And at on £25 a pop I think they are a bargain!
Three book necklace, decorative leather journals on silver coloured chain.
I found these little beauties on Etsy for just £12.50! This Three Book Necklace is adorable.

Dangle earrings, red/brown leather books
Of all the jewellery I have found, I think these have to be my favourite! These Book Earrings are right up my street - LOVE! And at only £8.37 I think you can expect to see me modelling a pair of these very soon. 
Mini Leather Journal Necklace with Skeleton Key - Mini Book Pendant
Fully functional Mini Leather Journal Necklace OMG! And only £15.82?!?! How do these people make a profit?
This little home made Hunger Games Necklace from Australia and so cute. But with only 6 left on this ebay store and only £14.07 I fear that these may sell out very soon.
These Harry Potter Book Necklaces are from a seller on ebay and I think  they are perfect for a HP Nerd like me!
Even better they are only £3 each or £21 for the full set!

I have no idea what the quality of these Twilight Book Necklaces is but at £3.50 each I think they are so cool.
Maybe a little too much tho!
So what do you think? Is book jewellery a super cute fashion accessory for a book worm? Or a little to much like a book fetish?!

Thanks for reading, 

Love Rie x


  1. you forgot a good one: http://store.hbouk.com/game-of-thrones-hand-of-the-king-pin/detail.php?p=367617&v=hbo-uk_shows_game-of-thrones

    1. This is cool :D So much book related objects. Finally I can live in my book world.

      Thanks for sharing x

  2. Wow, thank you for including my jewellery, it's such an honour! What a great blog feture!

    1. Hi no problem Pippa, thank you for making them :D

      I would love to know how long does it take you to make them?

      I have just had an email to say the earrings I ordered from you last night have been dispatched, so impressed with the speed. I can't wait to receive them.

      Thanks for popping by :)

      Love Rie x

    2. The earrings are pretty quick to make, under an hour I'd say, bit longer for the necklaces. It's fun too :)

  3. Wow, some of that stuff is so cool. I love the three book necklace and the earrings! Now have yet another thing to spend time looking for and spend money on, sigh......

    1. I found Etsy to have so many of them, its well worth checking out.

      I do agree tho finding this cool is going to be bad for my bank balance!