Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Fallen by Lauren Kate - Book Review

Guest post by Ross Phillips: "Like genuine Picasso in a vat of wallpaper paste."

Fallen by Lauren Kate: 'When Lucinda Price was sent to Sword and Cross Reform School, she knew it would be hard, but she had no idea what lay in store for her. She never went looking for trouble, but it finds her--in the form of true love, death, murder, passion. Can she survive long enough to learn why she's always been haunted, why disaster seems to follow her around... can she survive at all?'

Right well this is going be a difficult one for me, these books are very very easy to completely ruin if anything is inadvertently given away, so now I've got to tell you what I like and what I didn't in such a way as to give absolutely no hint whatsoever to the plot hmmm here goes . . .

This series follows the adventures of Lucinda Price (commonly refered to as Luce) as she starts at a reform school after her involvement in a mysterious accident in her last school. Luce is a very 'passive' character who comes across as being somewhat dragged through the narrative rather than driving it. She also suffers a distinct lack of personality through most of the first book and although she gradually develops more of one through the series those looking for a strong female lead will probably have to settle for some of the supporting characters like Arriane.

In contrast to to Luce the supporting cast is much more vivid with each having a definite personality and place within the plot with no one character feeling superfluous.

In terms of plot there is a lot in this series I like, with plot elements which I really approve of, fresh ways at looking at old ideas and twists which took even me by surprise this series has a lot going for it and like Luce herself has great potential, but sadly all that potential feels squandered, crushed under a barrage of cliche that makes the romance (which is meant to be the driving force behind the plot) feel purile.

I can't help but think this series would have been better off aimed at a more mature audience. It feels like the author started out writing a full-fat dark fantasy romance (to which all the ideas and elements lend themselves perfectly) but then decided to 'cash-in' on the current Twilight inspired trend of trashy, teeny paranormal romance.

Like genuine Picasso in a vat of wallpaper paste.


Love Ross & Rie x


  1. I love this review. I have so many of the same feelings, though maybe not as harshly. I agree Luce never quite made it to that 'main character' status, though much of it was her POV. I found the romance quite cheesy throughout the series, but I really liked the plot....until maybe the end of the last book :/

    Really good to read these views :))

    Victoria Limbert

    1. Thanks, i think i do tend to be a little harsh on things i dont like but then again im mabey a little too enthusiastic about stuff that i do like, so i feel its swings and roundabouts.

      dont even get me started on the end of the last book, the only reason it wasn't mentioned in this review is I think im starting to get a reputation for saying "I didn't like the ending" for almost all the books I've reviewed for 'Rie

      Ross Phillips