Friday, 26 October 2012

Lilith by Victoria Limbert - Book Review

An original, adult fantasy novel that packs a punch!

Lilith (Twin Souls) by Victoria Limbert
After a traumatic event suffered at a young age, Annette Anderson believes she had been cursed with the 'Sight'. The ability to see the Hellworlds and demon souls drove her in to a world of sin and sex, attracting the unwanted attention of the Underground. After months of torture, the She-demon, Lilith, attempted to take Annette's body and drive out her human soul. Unexpectedly, Annette's soul fought back, trapping Lilith, leaving them to reside together on a shaky truce.
Along with the help of Michael Daltry, a detective with the Metropolitan Police and Rowan, a demon ordered to protect them, Annette and Lilith must work together to uncover the reasons behind a spate of grisly murders that has hit the the busy city of London.
If they fail, it will truly be Hell on Earth! 

I downloaded this book on my Kindle many months ago, after sighting the author on Twitter and being enticed by a link. I can’t remember how much I paid for it, but I must have been attracted by a low price, as I downloaded without even reading the description or any reviews. The result was me starting Lilith with no pre-conceptions or warning of the very adult content… but something that made a novel written to shock… well… shock!

Protagonist Annette, a troubled young woman who turned to the dark side of life after being abused as a girl, hides an even darker secret – she has Twin Souls. In a Host like fashion (you know… that OTHER book by Stephanie Meyer), a powerful female demon fails to extinguish the human’s soul, thus forced to co-exist.
The opening chapter of this book is fantastic. Something about this dark, mysterious introduction to Annette’s predicament really sets this narrative off on the right beat. Yet as the theme continued it was a little more difficult at times to read. The un-romantic sex filled sections of the book failed to capture my interest. The raw, animalistic lust seemed to go one step to far proving an uncomfortable reads (demon rape has never really got me going).

Despite this Annette’s predicament does throw up some truly fantastic demon characters, three dimensional and gritty each one of them was unique. Rowan proved to be a particular favourite of mine, and the promise of romance from a human police officer offers a little light relief. Others are truly terrifying, and I fear may stick with me for a long time to come.

Overall this original fantasy novel was a good read, but was in parts a little too much for my more prudish YA tastes. If you are a reader who doesn't mind a lot of violence, tonnes of sex and some terrifying demons you will love Lilith.


This book, as far as I can see is only available to Kindle download, and you can pick it up here for £3.08.

Thanks for reading,

Love Rie x

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