Friday, 27 May 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Review

I was very nervous about watching this forth movie in the series without my two favourite characters, Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightly) and Will Turner (Orlando Bloom). They were key parts in the first three movies, and as a rule series normally get worse rather than better. However, I was pleasantly surprised on how they kept the plot fresh and there were still plenty of recognisable faces.

The inclusion of Penélope Cruz as Angelica Malon, daughter of the ruthless pirate Black Beard was great. She was sexy and confident and provided some serious chemistry with Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). She also has a striking resemblance to Keria Knightly which keet the male members of my viewing party happy. And for those that like a hunky lad in a movie, I would highly recommend Philip the Missionary (Sam Clafin) with some very nice topless shots and providing a strong moral compass throughout the movie…. Sigh…. Perfect!

The action was familiarly spectacular with ridding carriage roofs and fantastical lands passed through with the quest for eternal life. I loved the inclusion of the mythical mermaid and yet more chemistry between her and the missionary. With a thimble-full of religious symbolism and the exploration of the quest for more years it give something to chew over if you cared too (and I would assume many wouldn't).

Yet I cannot help but be frustrated that there is still room for more movies. No explanation was given for the absence of Swan and Turner (leaving it open for them to return if the actors can be convinced) and no sign of an ending in sight.

I chose not to see the movie in 3D which I somewhat regret. I went with 5 friends and family and we decided that the traditional viewing is better. My boyfriend in particular claims it makes him feel ill, and with a movie stretching for nearly two and half hours you want to be comfortable. However the special effects would really benefit from the 3D technology.

Overall I enjoyed the movie more than I expected! As a Disney buff and lover of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, I will undoubtedly be going to see the following movies and collecting them on DVD.

I would really recommend going to see it if you like fantasy movies… which I always love. Also a good example of an action movie with lots of stunts that leave you questioning on the way home how they did them all!


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  1. I also enjoyed it, no as much as the others but it was good. I tried not to compare it to much to the others. But it was bettern than I expected. =]