Friday, 27 January 2012

Underworld: Awakening - Film Review

On Wednesday I went to see Underworld: Awakening with my boyfriend at the cinema, and really enjoyed it so wanted to let you guys know why.

Summary courtesty of  IMDB: "When human forces discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species commences. The vampire warrioress Selene leads the battle against humankind."
I first learnt about and watched the Underworld films, which there are now four, through my friend Sam after I purchased them for him as a gift. I loved the different interpretation of vampirism and werewolf / lycans that these films portray. They are dark, and also quite sexy.

I was lucky enough to go see this at the Odeon cinema in Southampton that offered the IMAX 3D experience, which I thought was really good. The boyfriend feels that the 3D is a little unnecessary, yet I revelled in the audio that moves you in your seat, and the images that literally at times glitter. It really did add to the cinema experience, which I didn't really understand the hype about before. I would never enjoy that as much on y TV at home.

This is an action movie, it is violent, it is dark.I don't normally like this in a movie (Saw is my worst nightmare!) but I really liked it in this movie, as it works. It has a narrative, it is predictable in parts and surprises you in others which is a mix that I think is hard to achieve. It has been left wide open for another movie with a some big unanswered questions.

I talk more about the movie in this really short vlog:

After filming this video I did a quick search on other reviews. I mentioned in my last video how much I have spoilers and found some classic cases of careless reviewing. I found this one review that comes with a serious spoiler warning from me. But I wanted to include it as I thought the points it made were valid, and quite funny. 

I give this movie 4/5 (it loses a mark for at times being quite scary!!)

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  1. I've not watched the film yet, however, I have the other 3. I really hate the "pink and fluffy" vampires and werewolves! In there work death is a constant, werewolves have primal instinct and the pack is run by an Alpha who will be challenged in a fight my younger males. That is simple Wolf knowledge. Again a Vampires should also be dark, I'm happy if they don't have to chow down on humans to survive, but the world should be dark.

    I'm not saying that because its dark they have to be evil because these films prove otherwise. If you watch the first and second you see the kindness in both sides and if you watch the third you can understand why the lycan are portrayed as the "evil" character, because the vampires treated this strong and powerful race as slaves.

    Rant over!

  2. Oh and any evilness in them is due to radical beliefs of a few powerful people, nothing different to our world, which is why I love it! =]

  3. @Sam Vampires, werewolves, ghouls and aliens are all said to represent different aspects of humans in movies. Vampires sex, werewolves the animal instinct... so on so on. But after all this is an interpretation and a dark one at that.

    But I can tell you have been studying these movies to back it up with such relevant background information :P

    Thank you for your comments as always :)

  4. No need to study I know them off by heart. =P

  5. just got out of the cinema and hugo and I totally loved it!!!! We also had the chance to see it in the imax and the visuals alone are breathtaking! this movie is what cinema is made for! i have to agree with you that the story line is quite predictable at points but the action and gorr let you forget about that quite quickly. I was very pleased with this movie as the third part rather dissapointed me...

    1. @Laura I'm glad you enjoyed it - hope the company was good too :P

  6. Laura, that's probably because Kate Beckinsale wasn't in it! =P

  7. @Sam: haha thats a gd point :p