Monday, 11 April 2011

Post Secret

I always look at this blog every Sunday. It is the highlight of my week. There is something about reading other peoples secrets that is so personal, but with 429,368,852 views it is anything but.

Every week I always save some of my favourites, one week I might save all of them, others just one or two. Some I feel I can relate to, others are ones that I know I never will. Some I don't understand and some I just like the look of.

So, here are some of my favourites that I have saved over time.

Check it out :)
Comment below and let me know what one is your favourite.

Thank you for reading,

Rie xxxx


  1. The sims, car, mum and harry potter ones are definately relevant for you! I actually laughed when I saw them up here! =P

    I like the excited about living one. I think that probably aplies to me. =]


  2. My favourite of all time is the last one. I like to think of some guy scribbling in marker pen on the back of a cereal box about his girlfriend or lover.

    But they all apply to me in some way I guess, or just what i think other people think about hehe xx

  3. I absolutely love this site! I know a similar one:

    Well its not exactly the same but it has the same idea I think...I love that anyone can write anything, it's like you said, you can just sit and imagine who it is that wrote it but never know. Or may be its just me but I really like that idea :)

    Vix :) x