Thursday, 7 April 2011

Studying in the Sun!

Hi all :)

Firstly, thank you for coming and reading my blog in just a short amount of time I have had more hits than I could of imagined (just another push and I'll hit 100 this month! Wooo).

I am studying hard atm - being the stress pot that I am I refuse to do anything else until I have done some uni work. Even though I have over a month till hand in, I like to know I have plenty of time to do work, and I sure have plenty to do.

But I don't think I have done work in such a pretty surroundings as today! The sun is shining and I am sat in the back garden at home in shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses typing away on my laptop.

I can't believe how warm it is - I had to move the table in to the shade because my little laptop was getting too hot (oh and me hehe!). It feels just like summer, but there are plenty of pretty daffodils around in the garden to remind me its only spring!!

This double headed daffodil got to heavy and broke :( but it has been a very pretty laptop accessory (until it got in the way to much and was moved to the pile of books) so it did not fall of in vain!

Hope you are all enjoying the weather were you are.

Please don't forget to comment,

Love Rie xxx

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  1. I love the pile of books to prop up your laptop! We've been sitting in the sun at Marjon in our breaks, as by the looks of it, have all the marjon xtudents. So glorious!