Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Few Bits and Bobs

Hey all :D

Just thought I would do a quick bits and bobs blog as I haven't had chance to do a proper post for a few days.

As much as I don't want this to be a beauty blog I have found a few products that I really love this week. I do have an Avon blog for those sort of things - where I write about all the products I like by Avon, and I found a great neutral polish for summer. If you like nail polishes it is a must to check out - all of which can be brought through me![]

But there is one product I brought from Lush this week that I must rave about!

It is the fresh face mask called..... Love Lettuce.
My boyfriend had a good giggle about the name of this when I first told him, apparently it sounds like a bit of a euphemism.... But I am in love with it!

I went into the shop in Portsmouth on Wednesday - and although the staff are always lovely the lady that helped me was extra helpful and recommended this mask for me.
I have combination skin (a mix of greasy t-zone and dry cheeks) and this mask really helps with both. Despite the name and the crazy green colour it smells lovely, like lavender mostly but also really fresh. It also has ground almond shells in it for ex foliation when you wash it off. They recommend leaving it on for 5-10 minutes but in the end mine stayed on for nearly 20 minutes and the result was amazing!

My skin felt super soft, and my breakouts seem to have died down. Not one part of my face is dry and even now I can feel a difference 4 days after using it. The only downside of it is that it only has an expiry date of 3 weeks and needs to be kept in the fridge. But this is because if contains all natural ingredients and I think it is well worth it.

In this picture I only put a little on to try it out but this time I might put on a bit more of a layer to see how much more it can do for me! Super happy about this product! :D

On a more computer geeky note... I have got back into my Sims.
Those that know me well will know I am a bit of a nerd for all things Simish - and have been stuck in the dark ages of Sims 2 due to my computer and laptop not being up to anything more.
However my boyfriend has just updated his PC - so I am going to be a proud owner of his retired one!!

Many people might jump into Sims 3 - but I am far more excited about Sims Medieval.

It is on a whole new platform and promises to be amazing! There has been so much hype about this game and I do think as soon as I get the new computer I will have to purchase this.

I only hope it can live up to my expectations. I am a little bit of a control freak, and love Sims 2 as I have some much control over each character and love creating my own narrative. Because of this I was not so much of a fan of Sim City, as it was a lot more difficult to control and it was a city - not a sim!

Medieval seems a mix of the two and I am so excited to give it a go!!

Please let me know if you have had a look at this game yet and let me know what you think??
Needless to say as soon as I have a play on it there will be a review coming up. But to keep you going while I get my hands on it:

I have also had a request from the lovely Sio for a review on the film Letters to Juliet, so expect a review on this in the next few weeks.

Also coming up is a review on the latest book in the True Blood series, which I have now pre-ordered and will be in the post on the 5th of May. It shouldn't take me long to read so I will have a blog post on that super soon!

Thank you all for reading - it means a lot to me!!

Love Rie xxxx

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